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7K!, the neo-classical platform founded by !K7 announces new signing Martyn Heyne

7K! Is proud to present their latest signing: multi-instrumentalist and producer Martyn Heyne. Having worked with lauded artists such as Nils Frahm, composer Dustin O’Halloran, clarinetist Claudio Puntin, The National and more, Berlin-based Heyne’s sound is one of multiplicity and unrestricted application. 

Having co-produced the album ‘Endless’ by Italian composer Luca D’Alberto, the first artist to release on the newly founded 7K!, the choice to make Martyn the newest signing was a logical one. “I have never heard anybody perform such beautiful compositions on guitar with this specific sound,” says !K7 CEO and founder of 7K! Horst Weidenmüller. “I hope that he will refresh the established modes of new classical and neo classical music.”

Martyn Heyne on the upcoming album: “For me, the only way to discover something new in music is to listen without any preconception as to what it is. No expectations. It is tempting to just quickly flip through something to check whether the things one expects are there or not. That way however, I can only find more of what I already know. When I used to only listen to records that I spent hard cash on it was easier to give them a 2nd and 3rd spin and eventually discover something that wasn’t on my radar. These days I try to not check, but just listen the first time around.

This mode of listening seems the most rewarding to me and my wish for my music is to encounter as many like-minded listeners as possible.”

Martyn Heyne will release his debut album later this year. Ahead of this release he presents the new song ‘Carry’. 

Click here to listen.

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