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Mount Kimbie "Marilyn” (feat. Micachu)

Nach dem überwältigendem Feedback zur ersten Single nach 4 Jahren - 'We Go Home Together (feat. James Blake)' – kehren Mount Kimbie heute zurück. Ihre langjährige Freundin und für den Oscar nominierte Mica Levi aka Micachu singt auf der neuen Mount Kimbie Single ‘Marilyn’, die heute erscheint! Zudem gibt es Live-Termine in ganz Europa!

Seht hier das Video, das heute Nachmittag veröffentlicht wird, bei dem Mark Lebon (i-D, John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood) Regie führte

Kai von der Band sagt:

“Couldn't be happier to share a song we wrote with Mica Levi - this one's called Marilyn. Mica's work has been a constant source of inspiration for us and I'm grateful she wanted to sing on this one because as a singer and a lyricist I think she brings so much.

We're also announcing our EU tour which starts in October. Can't wait to be back playing gigs every night with our band-mates Andrea and Marc. Lots of new music and new ideas for us so we hope to see you somewhere on our travels”

The track is accompanied by a video by renowned cult fashion photographer and film director Mark Lebon, who rose to notoriety in the 1980s for his work with high end fashion labels and magazines including i-D, Vogue, John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.

The clip is an intimate portrait of family life, compiled from home video footage shot by Mark of his sons Tyrone Lebon, who previously worked with Mount Kimbie on videos and photography for their debut album Crooks and Lovers, and Frank Lebon, who directed and starred in the recent ‘We Go Home Together’ video. A true family affair.

Mount Kimbie have also announced a European tour, which includes their biggest London headline to date at the Roundhouse. These are in addition to the band’s dates in North American in May and June with support acts Tirzah and Ash Koosha. 

Tour Daten:

07.07.17 Frankfurt - Zoom

08.07.17 Düsseldorf - Open Source 

19.08.17 Hamburg - Dockville

10.11.17: Astra - Berlin

15.11.17: Flex - Wien

16.11.17: Muffathalle - München

17.11.17: Mascotte - Zürich

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